Artifical Lawn Installation Cardiff & South Wales

Ensure Year Round Beauty with Our Quality Assured Artificial Lawns

Artificial (or fake grass) of the correct quality and installation is the perfect way to ensure a stunning year round surface without the hassle of constant lawn care intervention.

Ideal for all-weather play areas, pool surrounds, or low maintenance domestic gardens we have a large range of hyper-realistic artificial grass option including some very novel colours and styles, each with the look and feel of real grass.

Our artificial grass process begins by evaluating the ground prior to any work. Once we have full clearance of any pipes, cables or other obstacles we proceed with digging out the ground. We then either remove the existing turf or overlay the existing ground if suitable.The base is compacted with stone to prevent sinking and subsidence.

Sand is then added and compacted, followed by a weed proof membrane. Once the groundwork is complete, our professional fitters will precisely and carefully stretch the artificial turf over the area and pin it in position. We use an eco friendly adhesive to secure the grass and in some circumstances we use a frame fix method.

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Key Benefits our Artificial Grass & Lawns include

  • Very low maintenence
  • Evergreen throughout the seasons
  • High UV stability
  • Simple pricing options (per square metre)


Lucy Ford - Caerphilly

"I was a bit skeptical about the using artificial grass but it's incredibly realistic and feels great. Jerry and his team were brilliant from start to finish"

Thomas Lewis - Cardiff

"Excellent product. Excellent service. Looks like the real thing."


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